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[LNG Committee]



Fa**d B**RAHOU

Geoff**y H**ter

Am**e Y**ef

Vinc**t D**OURY

Bir**e van V**et


Car**s G**RRERO

Friedr**h O**hmann

Seun**a H**NG

Ghisl**n C**DRON
Fethal**h R**AHI

Dmi**y O**hovtsev

Na**i T**abe

Ta**k T**far
Ulr**h S**mitz    

RA**H H**ari

Giamma**o G**co

Yeon**o K**

Sang**u L**

Youngk**n K**

Je**y S**omon

Grzeg**z R**lonek

Hyo**n K*m

Young**k K*m

Xi**e L*

Jiali**g L*

Q**g W**G

Sung**o W*

T*d W**liams (accompanied by La**a W**liams)

Gonz**o C**rera

He**z B**er

Arr**o V**nna

G*l R**ter

Paja**e P**permsiri (accompanied by Sara**a P**permsiri)

Masay**i Y**hino    
Keis**e K**abata

Mans**r S**em AL A**WI

Peera**l P**dungpoj

Ei**n P**an

Shahr**h Z**dieh Vakili

Kir**l T**ngov

Ta**i K**i


[Transmission Committee]

Vitto**o M**azzi (accompanied by A**a Luraschi)


Patr**k P**LE (accompanied by Nad**e LAMBINET-PELLE)

Dong**b K**

Hamm**i N**reddine    

Lezg**d M**amed    

Touma**e H**za

Mich**e R**ciardi

Ingh**d St**esund

Melissan**e B**NAUDET

Se**a A**ta

Nic**a R**setti

Mat**o M**cuso

Luci**o O**hio

O**a S**ina

Pe**r H**cus

YoungK**n K**

Andr**j O**adacz

Xue**n W**g (accompanied by Zhif**g Y* and Pingsh**g D**g)

Kir**l B**nos

Hoss**n A**i

G**r K**ngtveit

Mar**n Z**lkowski  

Sa**d T**akoli

ROB**N C**LHO    

[IGU / KGU / Invited]

Jeong**ok K**ng

Sungy**g K**

Eu**u L**

Dong-H**n KIM

Ho-**o L*E

Changs**n P**K

Gi**i Y**g

Minje**g C*o

Seong**o K**g

Hyu*-*o L**

Ae-Ky**g M**n
In-Y**b S**g
Sung-H**n O*

Kwang-**n K**
Young-**n A**
Her**d J**G
J*n L**
Young**b S**N
Yo**g L**
Bong **u L**
Seung S**p S**N
Woo Yo**g J**
Jeong **n H**

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[2019 IGU Joint Committee Meeting (LNG & Transmission ]

* Contact Person :

 - Mr. Changsoon PARK (Korea Gas Union, 

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