recommendable routes to Gyeongju

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The airport limousine bus from Gimhae Int’l Airport to Gyeongju runs 20 times a day and takes approx. 70 minutes. The bus leaves from the airport’s International Terminal and stops by the Domestic Terminal before proceeding to Gyeongju. Travel time between the two terminals is approx. 5 minutes.


An airport limousine bus ride from Incheon Airport to Gyeongju Intercity Bus Terminal will take about 5 hours. The bus leaves 8 times a day from Terminal 2, then stops by Terminal 1 which is about 20 minutes away. Of the 8 daily buses, 2 also stop by the Songdo New Town Intercity Bus Transfer Center. Be sure to get off at Gyeongju as it is not the last stop on the line, and the bus will proceed to the next city, Pohang.


AREX, the airport express train, runs direct and regular routes between Incheon Int’l Airport and Seoul Station. The direct route runs straight from the airport to Seoul Station while the regular route makes ten stops along the way.

getting to HICO / Hilton hotel in gyeongju


After arriving at Gyeongju Intercity/Express Bus Terminals and Singyeongju Station, we recommend taking a taxi to HICO/Hilton Gyeongju hotel.

* Hilton Gyeongju is just 200 meters away from HICO

[by TAXI]

• Gyeongju Intercity/Express Bus Terminal → HICO/Hilton Gyeongju

   : 11km / 20 min. / approx. KRW 16,000 (about USD 13)

• Singyeongju Station → HICO/Hilton Gyeongju

   : 21km / 40min. / approx. KRW 40,000 (about USD 33)

                                                                                   * Fares may vary depending on the traffic.

For more information, please download transportation guide